Frequently Asked Questions

How do I CONTACT Country Church Press?

Click here to contact Country Church Press by filling out the short form.  You can also email us at


What is your REFUND POLICY?

Due to the digital nature of our product, we do not offer refunds.  We do want our customers to be happy, so please contact us if you are having any issues with your order.


What PAYMENT OPTIONS do you offer?

  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • Paypal
  • Gift Certificates


I am having TROUBLE PLACING AN ORDER (computer).  What should I do?

1) Switch browsers – many times the errors causing the issue are stored on the browser you are using.  This is a temporary workaround.

2) Delete your Temporary Internet Files/Cookies/Cache and restart your computer. This should clear any stored errors relating to our site. You can find this option in Tools on most browsers.

3) Update your browser – If you are using an older browser, updates are available for each supported browser below:

4) If you have tried all of the options or need more detailed instructions, please email us at


I am having TROUBLE PLACING AN ORDER (mobile).  What should I do?

Try placing your order on a computer if you are having issues placing an order on your mobile device.  If that is not an option or does not fix the problem you are having, please contact us at  We are happy to help you place an order!


Are your books INSTANT DOWNLOAD?

Yes, they are!  As soon as your payment is complete, your files are ready to be downloaded.  You can download directly through the completed order screen, through the email we send (which does expire for security purposes) or directly through your account on


How do I download my order?

After your payment completes, you can download your files immediately by clicking on the file names on the completed order screen.  We also send an email with download links.  The email links will expire for security purposes.  If your email links have expired, just log in to, and click on Sign In/My Account to download your files.


Can I wait to download my order?

Yes!  If you wait to download your files, just log in to and click Sign In/My Account to download your files at any time.


Do you offer your books on a CD or USB?

No, we do not currently offer any physical products that we can ship to you.  We only offer digital files.

Referral Program – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the referral program?

Click on Sign In/My Account on the top of our website and sign in.  Just above your purchase details is the option to join.  You can join under someone if you are a new customer or on your own if you have purchased from us before.


Can I get 10% referral credit on my first purchase after joining the referral program?

Only if you are new customer.


If I refer a friend who signs up for the referral program do I get a credit?

Yes.  You receive a store credit equal to 10% of their first purchase, plus 10% of any future purchases, plus 10% of any store credits they earn.  It adds up!!


How long do I earn store credit from my referrals?

One year from the time your referral joins the program.


Do the credits I earn expire?

Yes.  You need to redeem them within six months.  When you redeem your credits, the oldest ones get used first, so your balance always includes your newest credits.


Is there a maximum amount of store credits I can earn?

There is no lifetime limit for credits you can earn.  However, there is a limit that can accumulate in your account at any given time.  That limit is $50.  So if you have $50 in unused credits and a referral earns you another $1.00, that credit will be lost. It does not replace an older credit.  It is just not recorded.


How do I invite friends to join the program?

All they need is your code.  You can get your code from Sign In/My Account.  The referral program section tells you what your code is.  You just give them the code or you can enter their email address and the program will send them an invitation with your code and a link to register.


To join the program, do I have to invite someone?

No.  But after your first purchase, that’s the only way to earn store credits.


If I give someone my code and they register, but they don’t use my code, do I still get credit?

No. They must actively use your code at registration or if they use the referral link in the invitation email that will automatically insert your code into their registration.

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