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A Simple Christmas Program


A Note from the Author

My goal when I began writing children’s Christmas Programs was to provide a fun way for my own children to memorize Bible verses while learning about the real story of Christmas. Through “A Simple Christmas,” even young children can memorize the Bible in a meaningful way and learn traditional Christmas hymns in the process.

Karlene Murphree
August 2016



This script utilizes very small children while incorporating older children or adults through the Narrator parts. Simple costumes and basic blocking with no special lighting, difficult music or sound effects make this production accessible to small congregations with just a handful of eager young people.

The addition of simple children’s colored handbells (such as Melody Bells, available for online purchase from a variety of sources) gives this basic program a fun touch. Creating a color-coded poster board of the music by assigning a colored circle to each bell enables even very young children to easily and successfully play the bells. The handbells are not essential, however. You may choose to have the children sing in place of the bells.

The “Star” part can easily be combined with the Narrator or Wiseman part for a smaller cast. Creating a simple costume by using gold spray paint and 2 pieces of poster board cut into a star shapes and joined with tape at the shoulders produces a breastplate-like costume, giving one more child an opportunity to “shine” the night of the program.


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