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From the Very Beginning


A Note from the Author

This great little program was my first to include a parallel story line to the Biblical account of Christmas. Both children and adults can appreciate a story, but the Bible is so much more than a book of wonderful stories. It presents both the history and the future of the intersection of humanity with the Creator God of the universe.

I love how “From the Very Beginning” presents a broader, richer context to the Christmas account by setting it against familiar Old Testament characters and encourages both the cast and the audience to trace God’s hand of grace throughout the centuries.

Karlene Murphree
August 2016



This program can utilize a larger cast, including teens or adults. We at Country Church Press have produced this program two times since 2009. The first time, a 10 year old girl played the part of Grandma while a teen girl played Grandma in the second production. You also have the option of changing Grandma to Grandpa if that better suits your mix of available young people.

You have the option to create costumes for Adam and Eve, Noah and Isaiah or simply have the children recite those parts as narrators. We created simple Adam and Eve costumes using green felt to make a sleeveless tunic that slipped over the child’s head. We added felt leaves to the costumes using hot glue.

We dressed Sammy and Sara in Christmas p.j.’s since they were heading to bed, and we gave Grandma a grey wig and glasses. You may decide to create two backdrops, one for the Nativity and one for Grandma’s house. We did this when we produced the program the first year. The second production was in a smaller church, so we had a Christmas tree and rocking chair on one side of the stage and a power point night sky projected on the opposite side of the stage.

For a smaller cast, you can combine Angel parts or divide them to create more speaking parts for a larger cast. Depending on the size of your cast/choir, you may choose to have Grandma, Sammy, and Sara stand and join in the singing parts or have them remain seated and silent. This program provides the option for several speaking parts as well as “all” speaking parts to include the more hesitant children in your group.


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