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The Christmas Story and a Little More


A Note from the Author

This script follows the Biblical text in presenting the account of Christ’s birth while
attempting to make the story come alive as the actors interpret their character’s responses
to the Biblical narration. My goal in writing this script is to help both children
and adults understand that these are real events that happened to real people
in the context of real history. I hope that your cast will learn more about the Biblical
Christ and God’s plan for a personal relationship with His Creation through this
fresh rendition of the traditional Christmas account, “The Christmas Story and a
Little More.”

Karlene J. Murphree



This script is designed for a small cast of children with some children playing multiple roles. To include more children, simply add them to the choir. Depending on the number of children that wish to participate, the choir can be completely separate from the cast of characters or the cast can be part of the choir. A list of suggested songs appears at the end of the program. The director may choose to use these songs or chose alternative songs with a similar message. Also, layering costumes for children playing multiple roles makes transitioning from one character to another a little easier.


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