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What Happened to Baby Jesus


A Note from the Author:

Every program that I write becomes my favorite one so far, and “What Happened to Baby Jesus?” is no exception. This script was born out of our own family tradition of wrapping the baby Jesus from our Nativity scene and placing it under the Christmas tree. About half way through the opening of presents on Christmas morning, we allow one of our children to open the present. Then we all pause and read the Christmas account from Luke chapter 2 and discuss the Biblical meaning of Christmas. We have had many conversations with our children about the different ways that people overlook the Biblical meaning of Christmas in traditional holiday celebrations. As a family, we are always looking for ways to keep Christmas from becoming a celebration of selfishness rather than a celebration of God’s greatest gift of self-sacrifice. At Country Church Press, we hope that this program will be a fun way to remind all of us to put Jesus in His rightful place as we celebrate Christmas this year.

Karlene Murphree
September 2016



Although “What Happened to Baby Jesus?” is one of our longer programs, it is still simple to produce; and, like all of our scripts at Country Church Press, this program utilizes a small cast, simple costumes, and several familiar Christmas hymns. This program introduces a few new Christmas hymns, but you may choose to substitute more familiar hymns without sacrificing the storyline.

We produced this program with a young teen playing the part of Mother, but you may wish to use an adult. You may also substitute the part of Mother with a Father and Timmy with Tammy if that would work better with your cast.

You may choose to have the part of the Star be read by an Angel or a Wiseman, depending on the size of your cast. We made a simple star costume by spraying poster board with gold metallic paint, cutting out two large stars, and then attaching them with wide tape to create shoulder “seams.”

We recommend having the children in the Nativity standing as a choir to one side of the stage while Michael, Becky, and Timmy interact on center stage. A table, one or two chairs, and a small, undecorated Christmas tree or a box of decorations can set the scene for the children coming home to Christmas decorations being put up. Be sure to have a small end table with a Nativity scene with a removable Jesus placed in a visible place.


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